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The 5 Best FishFinder GPS Combo | Reviews

Any fishing enthusiast agrees that there is no better enjoyment than catching the most fish. Moreover, a fish finder is the secret to this mega catch. A good fishfinder combo is one that comes with all the features you need to make your fishing experience satisfactory.

As such you may need to do some extra research especially if you are a novice in the game. To make this process simple, we have put together the reviews of the best fishfinder gps combo for the money. Please take time and read through the reviews to find out which one meets your needs.

Overview: Top 5 GPS Fish Finder Combo Reviews

5. Garmin Striker 7 SV Review

Garmin Striker 7SV

This is a new fishfinder in the market, and it is relatively affordable. The practicality and accuracy of this device are what makes it one of the best fish finder for any fisherman. Garmin Striker 7SV features a 7” high-quality color screen. You can read the screen clearly even in broad daylight.

This lightweight fishfinder features a revolutionary CHIRP transducer which sends out a range of frequencies producing exceptionally detailed results. This device helps you to see clearly fish up to 750ft below and up to 750ft beside your boat, thanks to its DownVu and SideVu Scanning Sonar technologies.

On top of the detailed readings, this top rated fish finder combo also features a built-in GPS which will help you locate your position and even marks spots along the way. The benefit of this is that you can always track back a great fishing spot you earlier visited.

This Striker 7SV is very versatile, and this is its best-selling feature. It not only works as a fishfinder but can also work as a flasher giving you a lot more freedom to fishing options. This salt water GPS features a rugged design that is waterproof. It is, therefore, usable in all environments even the harshest ones.

Key Features:

  • High precision built-in GPS
  • Rugged design for excellent performance in all environments
  • Built-in flasher
  • DownVu and SideVu Scanning Sonar Technologies
  • Lightweight

4. Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch Review

Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch

This is one of the amazing technology with a super bright 7-inch LCD widescreen and a whole more in one unit. While it comes with a widescreen for wider viewing, the screen is touch sensitive. It is, therefore, easy and fast to operate and perfect for navigation.

It also comes with a powerful built-in fishfinder transducer included. Above all, this portable fish finder with GPS has an incorporated StructureScanTM module in the head unit which eliminate the need of mounting the device inside your boat.

On top of this, it has built-in Insight Mapping and optional Navionics charts. Important to realize is that you can view both the map and graphs in 3D perspective view. It also comes with a full-sized SD card slot for expandable storage. A highly accurate 50-channel GPS is also included in this Lowrance HDS fishfinder.

Key Features:

  • Broadband Sounder with Down Scan Overlay
  • Trackback technology
  • Usable LCD touchscreen
  • Pre-loaded Insight cartography
  • Built-in 50 channel GPS

3. Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Review

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro

Raymarine GPS fish finder combo is one of the most inclusive units you can find on the market today. First, this unit comes with a powerful, quick and accurate built-in 72-channel GPS. Uniquely, this GPS system can save your waypoints and tracks to a maximum of 3000 waypoints and 15 tracks each of them coming with 10,000 points.

You can also use microSD cards to expand storage. Also, this unit comes with an innovative CHIRP DownVision Technology which gives crystal clear images of the terrain beneath. Not only that but also the powerful Dual-Channel sonar helps you target an individual fish.

Uniquely, Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder has a 5-inch, all—weather and high definition LED display which provides sharp colors and wider viewing angles. One thing that stands out with this unit is its screen that does not allow internal fogging.

This innovative device also has a removable mounting ball for more mounting options. Most importantly, you can have much fun streaming live sonar right to your tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi.

Key Features:

  • 5 inch, all-weather, high definition LED display
  • Great Dual-channel, wide-spectrum Chirp DownVision sonar
  • Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app
  • Large internal storage (3000 way-points and 15 tracks)
  • Easy installation

2. Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Review

Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS

This Helix 5 DI is one of the best fishfinder combos out there. Not only that but it is also the company’s best high-quality Down-Imaging fishfinder. That is not all, but if you are looking for a great fishfinder that will meet your expectations without breaking your bank, this is a perfect choice.

This fishfinder has a UniMap Cartography in its database, so no matter what geographical area you are in, it will show you all the waterways. This Helix 5 DI from Hummingbirds is a perfect choice when coupled with unknown fishing grounds. Besides, it is a great start for a newbie in the game.

Although the database features a complete set of charts, you can quickly load additional maps via SD card. That is not all because it also comes with a highly accurate GPS system that can identify your location to +3 or -3 meters on the chart.

With this device, you will hardly get lost. Unlike many other fish finders, the buttons of this fishfinder are straightforward and easy to control giving you more fun without hassles. Above all, you will also love the precise navigation ability of this device.

With Helix 5 DI you can precisely mark an area and locate where the fish are hiding. This goes without saying that Helix 5 DI allows you to build a library of your activities on the water.

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate GPS system
  • Built-in Unimap Cartography
  • On-board micro-SD card capability
  • 5”, 256-color display with backlight
  • Down Imaging and Dual Beam Plus Sonar

1. Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Review

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI

Lowrance Elite-4 HDI is an innovative generation of compact fishfinders best for deep waters. This chartplotter fishfinder combo comes with a whole world of cool features.

In the first place, it features an innovative Hybrid Dual Imaging technology ideal for deep waters up to 1000ft. This technology ensures that images come out crystal clear so that you can see greater details of water below your boat.

Not only that but also the display of this unit is overly awesome. This Lowrance Elite-4 Fishfinder features an LCD screen, and this guarantees sharp and bright images. Compared to the previous elite-4 series display, this one come with higher resolution, 70% more pixels and 36% more usable area.

The performance of this fishfinder is completely out of this world! With a full-color brilliance, this unit also comes with a revolutionary 82/200 kHz Broadband Sonar that is very effective in deep waters.

Other fishfinders do not identify targets in extreme locations like within or around structures. However, that is not the case with this device. Lowrance-elite gps fishfinder uses an incredibly sensitive digital filtering process to provide the sharpest images of targets even in the most challenging conditions.

Another great feature that stands out of this broadband sounder is its ‘target separation capabilities. No matter where the fish is swimming through, with this device, you can just focus on one individual target. Of course, it cannot get better than this!

Finally but not the least, navigation is a breeze with this Combo. It is an excellent fish finder for kayaks and small boats. The built-in GPS antenna is highly accurate, and on top of that, it features a detailed U.S Background Map with over 3000 lakes and rivers.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Dual ImagingTM for the best possible view beneath your boat
  • Highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna together with a detailed U.S Map
  • 83/200 kHz Broadband Sonar which provides super-detailed sonar feedback up to 1000ft
  • High-resolution, 4.3-inch screen and LED-backlit display

Benefits Of Fish Finder With GPS

A fish finder is known to be a fisherman’s best friend. However, this is not a case of one size fits all, different types of fish finders are designed for specific tasks. With all this in mind, getting a GPS fish finder combo can make a whole world of difference.

So why buy a fish finder with GPS?

It saves locations

Most of the fish finders on the market now come with a built-in GPS capable for saving your waypoints as you sail around. This means that you can spot and save a potential fishing ground and trace your way back in the future. Many of these devices will save up to 3000 waypoints and up to 15 tracks.

Course charting

The GPS functionality clears the doubt of getting lost on your way especially when you are in a new geographical area. You can always tell your current location and on top of this chart your way to any place you wish to go. While most of these units come with built-in background maps particularly along the U.S waters, you can also add additional charts to make fishing a happy and fulfilling exercise.

Water temperature sensor

Some species like clustering in warm grounds but it is not easy to detect these zones without a GPS fish finder. Advanced models can display thermoclines (points where cold and warm water meets). By knowing the temperature of the water, you can locate your target species and take your boat in the right direction for a rewarding catch.


A high-end fish finder can cost a little bit more, but for one thing, the price will always come after quality. A fish finder may be expensive, but the quality is not proportional to its value. If you do your research well, you will agree with me that there are great fish finders at an affordable price.

Depth finder feature

Some types of fish live deep underneath which makes it difficult to catch them. However, a fish finder with GPS can help you locate them. Some devices can identify fish up to 1000ft deep, and this helps you to direct your boat in the right direction.

Charting Packages for Fish Finders

Generally speaking, most of these fishing gears come preloaded with internal GPS antenna, but there are some that features an external antenna. In addition to this, many of them have built-in charting packages. The good thing is that you can always expand your mapping options to meet your specific needs. At the same time, the following are the most common charting packages you’ll find on most devices.


This package only features the core blueprint of the United States. You can only distinguish between water and land. Data about contours, depth, and any other relevant feature are completely lacking in this package.


A ContourXD is an advanced version of the base map. The advantage of this package over other is that this is more detailed. It features contour lines, depth, markers and interstate ways. Most Humminbird models have this charting package.

Navionics Gold

It is very common in Lowrance models. This package is a little more versatile and provides a multitude of information including; depth contours, currents, tides, marsh areas, port plans and marine services information. This package cover the entire continent. Best of all, you can zoom in up to 3 meters off the contours.

Lowrance Lake Insight

This package comes with detailed maps covering up to 6300 U.S of water bodies. In addition, it also provides over 200,000 points of interest so you can trace the most popular fishing spots. That is not all because it also comes with high-definition shaded relief and detailed contour lines.

BlueChart g2 Vision

This package is typical in Garmin’s versions. Uniquely this package comes with an auto-guidance technology. With this charting package, you don’t need to hassle finding your routes, just enter a waypoint, and it will automatically locate the right route for your boat. This package gives a detailed 3D view of images.

Buyers Guide: Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

Tips & Tricks: How To Use A GPS Fish Finder

Having the best fish finder combo out there is not a guarantee of a great experience in the water. If you do not know how to use your fish finder best, you may have a high-end unit, but at the end of the day, you go home a heartbroken fisher.

Here are some tips to help you ace the waters like a pro.


Knowing the nature of a seafloor you are fishing on is vital. Not only that but also its depth can help enhance your experience in the water. Different types of fish live in different depths and structures.

For instance, if you’re targeting species like bluefish that live in shallow waters the knowledge of the bottom structure may not be that helpful. At the same time, if you are targeting species like sea bass, fluke, cod or blackfish that live in deep waters, the knowledge of seabed changes can make your fishing more successful. A good chart will give you all information on the nature and depth of your seabed.

Contour lines

If you’re keen with the contours, you can never go wrong with your fishing. If you look at the chart, you’ll see all the contours denoting depth changes. Contour lines help you identify humps, drop-offs, ledges and flats in the water which is crucial for a fisher. With this information, you can quickly identify abundant fishing spots.

It is good to know how to interpret the contours to make your fishing much more successful. Tightly packed contours indicate that there is a sharper change in depth while widely spaced contours indicate a gradual decline in depth.


Wrecks are known to attract fish. If you are using nautical charts, you can quickly view their depths as well as their GPS location.


Like wrecks, buoys are also known as potential fishing grounds. You can find a range of information about the buoys from your charts. Such information includes; name, color and the interval between flashes.


It is without a doubt that a fish finder is a valuable tool for any fisherman. Other than helping you catch more fish, it also comes with a lot more benefits. Notably, there is no rocket science required when buying a great fish finder provided you know what you are looking for.

However, before you decide the type of fish finder to buy consider the features it comes with. Make sure you’re getting the real value for your money. All the same high-end fish finders are expensive, so you must also consider your budget.

However, with all the information provided, we believe that you can comfortably find the best fishfinder gps combo that will bring greater enjoyment in the water.

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