Best 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rods

The 8 Best 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rods Reviewed

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If you’re in the market for a good 4 weight fly fishing rod, then I have good news for you.

With the latest innovations in rod making technology, the use of high-end materials the options are limitless.

Below you’ll find the reviews of the best 4 weight fly fishing rods from high-end to budget models, for all-round to specific tasks, from delicate presenters to powerful casters.

Whether this is your first rod, upgrading, or adding a new rod to your quiver, there is something here for you.

But first, have a look at our comparison table to get an idea of what’s available.




Combo: Redington Crosswater Outfit

Length: 7’6” | Action: Medium-Fast | Weight: 3.4 oz 

All-Round: TFO Pro Series 2

Length: 8’6” | Action: Medium-Fast | Weight: 3.4 oz 

Trout: Redington Classic

Length: 9’ | Action: Medium | Weight: 2.9 oz 

Switch: Echo SR Fly Rod

Length: 10’6” | Action: Fast | Weight: 6 oz 

Spey: Echo Trout Fly Rod

Length: 11’ | Action: Medium-Fast | Weight: 5.8 oz 

Under 200: Moonshine Drifter Series

Length: 8’6” | Action: Medium | Weight: 3.3 oz 

Nymphing: Echo Shadow II

Length: 10’6” | Action: Fast | Weight: 3.4 oz 

Travel: Hardy Demon Smuggler

Length: 8’ | Action: Medium-Fast | Weight: 2.9 oz 

What is a 4 Weight Fly Rod Good for?

Apart from its excellent ability to present dry flies, a 4 weight fly rod can do wonders in various other situations.

Thought a 3 weight fly rod can be great fun to fish with on a windless day. While a 5 weight fly rod is the most versatile rod weight to have in your rod rack.

But nothing beats a good 4 weight fly rod if you fish creeks, ponds, and small rivers where soft presentation and accuracy are the keys.

It can toss nymphs and small steamers at close distances accurately.
It is flexible enough to protect light tippets and has enough backbone to fight those small to medium species.

For the saltwater anglers, a good 4 weight fly rod can give you the satisfaction of hauling small snook or bonefish.

The 8 Best 4 Weight Fly Fishing Rods | Reviewed

What is the best 4wt fly rod for you? To answer this question accurately you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Questions like, the type of fish you are targeting; planning to fish in saltwater or freshwater; do you have a budget or brand preference?

Read on to find reviews of the top 4 weight fly rod from the top brands in the market.

Best 4 wt Fly Rod Combo
Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Outfit

01. Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Outfit

Reasons To Buy
  • Affordable price
  • Perfectly balanced and matched combo
  • Perfect for beginners & travel anglers
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No flies included
  • Doesn’t comes with a shoulder strap

A fly fishing combo (aka fly fishing outfit/starter kit) comes in a combined package of the most essential fly fishing gear. It comes with at least a fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and backing.

A good fly fishing outfit is an excellent choice for any level angler, be it beginner, intermediate, or expert.

However, fly fishing combos are most popular amongst entry-level fly fishermen because they are cost-effective, perfectly matched, and balanced to give you a hassle-free fishing experience.

The fly fishing combo we’ll talk about here is the Redington Crosswater Outfit and comes with a rod tube along with the fly fishing essentials.

Why We Recommend It

The Crosswater reels polymer construction provides strength and durability. It comes with a disk drag system that offers decent stopping power. Additionally, switching handle from left to right is very easy.

In this fly fishing outfit, the reel comes pre-spooled with a 4-weight RIO Mainstream WF fly line. This Weight Forward line comes with the backing and leader in place.

The final piece of this combo is the Cordura rod tube that can accommodate a 2 or 4-piece fly fishing outfit. The plastic reinforcement of the interior prevents rod and reel damage while traveling between your fly fishing destinations.

Overall, this 4wt Redington Crosswater Outfit is an excellent entry-level combo that offers unbeatable performance for the price. Out of the box, the combo is perfectly balanced and matched in terms of line weight.

A great option for anglers who like to take a hike to the creek or stream.

Keep In Mind

For experienced fly casters, the casting accuracy may be upsetting. However, anglers who are just learning will find no casting accuracy issues.

This rod and reel kit comes with everything you need but the fly fishing flies. Here you'll find fly fishing flies that has to be purchased separately.

The travel case is pretty comfortable carrying with the handle, but a shoulder strap would make hiking long distances less tiring.

What Buyer's Say

“This is the best entry-level fly fishing combo you can get for the price. Perfectly matched in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The action is very forgiving, and the pole loads pretty smooth.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 7’6” | Action: Medium-Fast | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Reel: Crosswater reel | Line: RIO Mainstream WF fly line | Material: Graphite | Guide: Chrome Snake Guides | Handle: Reversed Half-Wells | Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum | Weight: 3.4 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: 1 Year

Check Price:

Best All-Around 4 Weight
tfo pro series 2 fly rod

02. TFO Pro 2 Series Fly Rod

Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Casting distance and accuracy
  • Great value for money
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Doesn’t come with a rod tube

If you were to buy just ONE rod for all your lightweight fly fishing applications, then what will that be?

A rod that can be used in all water types, can cast anything from dries to nymphs, be beginner-friendly, and a great value for your money.

So is there a single rod that can do all that?

Enter: TFO Professional Series 2 Fly Rod

One of the best all-around 4 weight fly rod that is a must-have in your fly fishing quiver.

Why We Recommend It

This 4wt rod is an excellent choice for anglers who fish in both freshwaters as well as saltwater flats. The medium-action of this rod lets you have the option of delicate presentation, casting distance, and accuracy.

Additionally, the progressive taper ensures a smooth casting stroke, even power transfer eliminating vibrations making casting a pleasure.

This single-handed rod is designed to cast anything from tiny dries to nymphs. The reversed half-wells cork grip provides grip and comfort when fighting any small to medium fish.

The rod assembly is made easy thanks to the alignment dots on the ferrules. The oversized guides on the rod are heavy-duty and lightweight. It allows the fly line to shoot out without any resistance while casting.

The rod comes with an anodized aluminum reel seat that is weatherproof and very durable. You can fish any water type without ever worrying about rust or corrosion.

Additionally, the rod comes with a lifetime warranty that ensures rod replacement in case of damage giving you peace of mind on the water.

Overall, the TFO PRO 2 is a top of the line all-round fly rod that comes with an excellent performance record. The rod is recommended for all-level anglers and comes at an affordable price tag.

Keep In Mind

The rod doesn’t come with a rod tube and has to be purchased separately.

What Buyer's Say

“The price to performance and quality ratio is outstanding. I fish a variety of water types and this rod always been by my side. Highly recommended.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 8’6” | Action: Medium-Fast | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Material: Carbon Fiber | Handle: Reversed Half-Wells | Reel Seat: Anodized w/Braided Carbon Inserts | Guides: Oversized Stripping/Hard Chrome | Weight: 3.4 oz | Rod Tube: No | Warranty: Lifetime

Best 4 Weight Fly Rod For Trout
Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod

03. Redington Classic Trout

Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Lightweight but strong build
  • Ideal for all level anglers
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Doesn’t perform well in windy conditions

The 5 weight is the industry standard when considering an all-round rod weight for trout.

However, a 4 weight fly rod is an excellent choice when fishing in spring creeks and small streams.

Particularly, 4 weights are best suited where soft presentation at a moderate distance is the key.

Enter: Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod

A budget-friendly medium action 9’ 4wt fly rod that is well suited for all levels of trout anglers.

Why We Recommend It

The moderate action rod with continuous taper makes a delicate presentation at short to mid-range distance incredibly easy. Its fluid bend helps protect light tippets and makes casting fun for beginner anglers.

At 9’, the rod is at the middle ground in terms of length. The longer length increases casting distance and makes line control easy. You can easily reach over obstacles to place your fly right at the trouts strike range.

With the #4 line weight, you can comfortably toss dry flies and small streamers at close quarters. The light line weight makes fighting an average size trout more exciting.

The Ballistic Nylon Rod Tube provides extra security and protects the rod from damage while traveling or transportation.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty that provides additional insurance.

Overall, the Redington Classic is an excellent fly rod for trout fishing. It’s easy to cast, ideal for beginners to learn on, and provides excellent value for the price.

Highly recommended as a first rod or specialty rod for trout fishing.

Keep In Mind

The highly flexible rod tip may cause tailing loops if inaccurate power is applied when casting.

The reel seat is just fine and not the quality found in more expensive models.

The cork grip is a bit on the thicker side and may need to be sanded if you don’t have large hands.

What Buyer's Say

“The rod load and unloads smoothly providing casting accuracy. The 9’ 4 wt is an excellent tool for trout anglers who like to fish small water bodies. Excellent value for money.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 9’ | Action: Medium-Action | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Material: Graphite | Grip: Half Wells Premium Cork | Reel Seat: Machined Anodized Aluminum |
Insert: Rosewood | Weight: 2.9 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

Best 4wt Switch Rod
Echo SR Switch 2 Handed Fly Rod

04. Echo SR Two-Handed Fly Rod

Reasons To Buy
  • Provides incredible casting distance
  • Present dries, wets, nymphs, and streamers 
  • Equipped with a fighting butt
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not for entry-level anglers

Switch rods are a style of fly rods that are equipped with two handles, which facilitates both single-handed and two-handed casts.

They are usually between 10’ to 12’, which is longer than single-handed rods and shorter than traditional Spey rods.

A good switch rod can help you switch between various casting styles and fly fishing methods. The longer length increases casting distance and enables easier line mending.

And finally, they can efficiently work both light and heavy flies.

Why We Recommend It

The Echo SR’s two handles (above and below the reel) give the rod added advantages over single-handed. You have the option of the overhead cast and roll cast when there are obstacles around.

The length (10’6”) alone can give you a reasonable casting distance. However, add the two-handed casts, and you have a casting machine that can present streamers, dry-flies, wet-flies, and nymphs yards even when casting space is limited.

Additionally, longer rods mean more natural drifts with dry flies and make mending line pretty easy.

Once your fish takes the fly, the longer length and fast-action of the rod ensures quick and controlled hookset. The fighting butt, on the other hand, makes horsing the fish easy if you have a fighter on the other end of your line.

Thought the rod we’re talking about comes with a #4 line weight, but you’ll be surprised by its ability to haul pretty large species.

This rod also comes with SiC Stripping Guides, which reduces friction and helps your line move out with ease. The Anodized Aluminum reel seat provides security and prevents reel movement under load.

Overall, the Echo SR 4wt Switch is an outstanding fly fishing rod that is all water approved. It is designed to shoot a wide assortment of flies from dries to nymphs to streamers.

A great all-round switch rod for most intermediates and experts which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Keep In Mind

The Echo SR Switch is a fast-action rod that means most beginners should stay away as the action type requires experience to cast.

What Buyer's Say

“I am pretty new to fly fishing and a friend recommended this two-handed switch rod. I must admit it is one of the best. I could learn to cast 2-handed without any problem.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 10’6” | Action: Fast | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Material: Graphite | Grip: Two-Handed Switch | Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum | Weight: 6 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

Best 4 Weight Spey Rod
Echo Trout Spey Fly Fishing Rod

05. Echo Trout 11’ Fly Rod

Reasons To Buy
  • Impressive casting distance
  • Lightweight design
  • Fighting butt adds fish fighting power
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not an easy rod for beginners

Spey casting is a fly casting technique that allows anglers to cast long distances without the need for a back cast.

It is particularly useful in situations where there are trees and other obstacles behind the caster and a back cast is not possible.

Rods designed for spey casting are different from other fly rods.

They are longer in length and have two handles.

Though single-handed spey rods are beginning to get popularity.

Enter: Echo Trout Spey Rod

A 2-handed Spey rod designed specifically for trout anglers.

Why We Recommend It

The rods long length paired with the 2-handed grip (fore and fighting grip) allows anglers to shoot even a dry fly to greater distances. The 11-foot length lets you cover more water and reach deeper into the bush to place your fly.

The rods 2-handed grip allows more power to be transferred when fighting large trouts. Additionally, it allows you to use a Forward Spey Cast in situations where the back cast is not an option.

The Echo Trouts graphite blank provides strength and reduces weight which prevents fatigue making casting fun even on day-long trips.

Overall, the Echo Trout is a quality double-handed spey rod that is designed for trout angler to fish in situations which demand distance and compact casting stroke.

Keep In Mind

At 11-foot, its a long rod, which makes it difficult to net a fish, especially if you’re fishing from a boat.

Moreover, Spey rods are an overkill when used to fish smaller species

What Buyer's Say

“It’s love at first cast. This medium-fast action rod is pretty forgiving. Its casting distance and accuracy are impressive.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 11’ | Action: Medium-Fast | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Material: Graphite | Grip: 2 Handed Spey | Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum| Guides: Chrome Snake | Weight: 5.8 oz | Rod Tube: Yes| Warranty: Lifetime

Best 4wt Fly Rod Under $200
Moonshine Drifter Fly Fishing Rd

06. Moonshine Drifter Series Fly Rod

Reasons To Buy
  • Under $200 price tag
  • Smooth and accurate casting
  • Extremely durable
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Paint may wear off quickly

You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars when buying a fly rod.

But do you want/have to spend a fortune when you're just starting?

Turns out, a 4 weight fly rod under $200 can be a great price point for weekend anglers looking for their first fly rod.

Enter: Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod

A budget-friendly fly rod that assures you of quality and performance.

Why We Recommend It

The medium action rod coupled with an 8’6” blank makes casting an easy job. Whether you’re fishing small streams or bushy creeks, it can cast flawlessly.

The high-performance graphite construction makes for a smoother rod load and unload. This ensures proper balance while casting and fighting.

Whether you’re roll-casting or long double hauling, it will deliver exceptional results.

This Drifter Series can effectively shoot dry flies and nymphs accurately.

Overall, this is a good fly rod for anglers who don’t want to break the bank when purchasing their first or upgrading for a new 4 weight rod. A rod that is well known for its smooth casting, accuracy, and performance.

Keep In Mind

As it is a 4-weight rod, you don’t want to cast it on a windy day or throw large streamers.

The dye used on the rod may not last long.

The guides are sturdy but a bit small in size.

What Buyer's Say

“If you’re looking for the best fly rod under 200, then don’t look elsewhere. This is a good performer and I love every bit of it except for the smaller sized guides.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 8’6” | Action: Medium | Number Of Pieces: 4 | Material: Graphite | Grip: Reversed Half-Wells | Reel Seat: Copper Anodized Spalted Burl Wood | Guides: Snake | Weight: 3.3 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

Check Price:

Best 4wt Fly Rod For Euro Nymphing
Echo Shadow 2 Fly Rod

07. Echo Shadow II Fly Fishing Rod

Reasons To Buy
  • Very responsive and sensitive
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Lifetime warranty
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not for beginners

Euro nymphing is a fly fishing technique that is different from other nymphing techniques and requires specialized fly rod, reel, and line.

You could hook some fish with your 9’ 5 weight or any other trout rod.

But, getting the right tool for the job will make a huge difference in performance.

Here, let’s take a look at the Echo Shadow 2.

A 4 weight fly rod designed specifically for euro nymphing anglers that perform well and comes in an affordable price tag.

Why We Recommend It

Euro nymphing rods are longer than other types of a fly rod and the Shadow 2 is no different. At 10’6”, it improves reach and helps maintain a drag-free drift.

Additionally, longer length means more leverage and power to play/fight large fish. You can add a completion kit if you need some extra length for bigger streams.

At 3.4 oz, Shadow 2 is feather-light which reduces the chance of muscle fatigue after a long day on the water.

Fast-action rods are the way to go with euro nymphing. With fast action, you are getting a rod with a stiff butt and middle section with a supple tip. This helps cast a light line and fly, the soft tip helps protect the light tippet and increases sensitivity.

In nymphing, you cast a light line and fly at close distances, and euro nymphing is no different. The 4 weight is considered the all-around nymph rod and line weight by many fly fishers. It provides the perfect balance between performance and sensitivity.

Overall, the Echo Shadow 2 is a top of the line fly rod for euro nymphing. It is loved by many seasoned as well as pro anglers for the value it provides at the affordable price range.

Keep In Mind

It is a fast action rod, thus beginner anglers may need some time before they can cast properly.

What Buyer's Say

“The rod feels solid and performs great. An economical rod for euro nymphing that comes is an affordable price and performs well.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 10’6” | Action: Fast | Number Of Pieces: 4| Material: Graphite | Grip: Reversed Half-Wells | Reel Seat: Black Anodized | Guides: SIC Chrome Plated | Weight: 3.4 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

Best 4wt Fly Rod For Travel
Hardy Demon Smuggler Fly Fishing Rod

08. Hardy Demon Smuggler

Reasons To Buy
  • Travel-ready 6 piece rod
  • Lightweight design
  • Saltwater ready
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Expensive

Anglers who like to travel between fly fishing destinations know the importance of a travel fly rod.

A travel fly rod is a rod that can be carried around and stored easily, be it your backpack, overhead luggage compartment or the trunk of your car.

In short, you’ll need a fly rod that can break down into multiple sections, be lightweight, and perform flawlessly.

Introducing the Hardy Demon Smuggler, a fly rod designed specifically for the travel anglers in mind.

Why We Recommend It

Apart from the other characteristics, the portability of a fly rod is the most important when considering a travel fly rod. The Demon Smuggler is a 6-piece rod that can easily fit any travel luggage or backpack.

The 4 weight carbon fiber blank weighs in at 2.9 oz making it ultralight which reduces the overall fly gear weight when traveling.

The rod is saltwater ready, meaning you can hit the saltwater without worrying about rod damage from the saltwater environment. In terms of castability, it is incredibly accurate at short-mid ranges.

The rod comes with an Aluminum rod tube to protect it from damage when traveling. This smart-looking rod tube is the perfect dimension allowing it to be carried in a carry-on or suitcase.

Overall, the Hardy Demon Smuggler is an excellent travel fly rod that is a true performer that comes with a lifetime warranty. It is well suited for all level anglers from beginners to experts.

Keep In Mind

The rod comes with an expensive price tag.

The rod may not be ideal for situations where casting distance is important.

What Buyer's Say

“I travel between lakes to fish for various swimmers. The rod looks great and casts accurately. Highly recommended for travelers.”

Additional Specification

Line Weight: 4 | Length: 8’ | Action: Medium-Fast| Number Of Pieces: 6 | Material: Carbon | Handle: Reversed Half-Wells | Reel Seat: Alloy | Guides: Amtac Ti/Hard Chrome| Weight: 2.9 oz | Rod Tube: Yes | Warranty: Lifetime

Compare Price:


With this, we have reached the end of our post about the best 4wt fly rods.

The 4 weight rods reviewed above are not the only good rods available in the market.

However, if I were to choose ONE rod from the above list, it would be the TFO Pro 2 Series Fly Rod.

It is an all-round fly rod that comes with an excellent performance record and is recommended for all-level anglers.

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