Best Spinning Reels In 2018 | Reviews & Recommendations

It seems that more and more people have become attracted to the sport of fishing these days. In fact, statistics shows that “fishing has been considered as one of the most popular outdoor activities for recreation in the USA” alone.

As such, the need to find the best spinning reel combo has also increased along with the availability of options. By owning one for yourself, there is an assurance of an enjoyable fishing experience!

Purchasing a high end spinning reel is not just about trying and trying until you see which one works best for you. In fact, it also involves reading reviews in order to identify the best brands out there, while reading the features of each model.

The goal of this guide is to help you find a top rated spinning reel for the money. You will also learn further about the features of a good spinning reel and the best options that are currently available on the market these days.​

Advantage of Using Spinning Reels

Spinner reels are considered as an essential equipment anyone who loves fishing should have.

The reasons?

They are very easy to use and can be adjusted and dragged easily as compared to other types of reels. As a matter of fact, learning how to use, and how to cast a spinning reel is quite easy.

Also, spinning reels are available in a wide range of sizes. While most fishermen choose smaller ones, some opt for bigger ones. When compared with a baitcasting reel, spinning wheel is more advantageous because of its overall versatility.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why most people opt for spinning reels over other options. They only have to pull the actual weight of the line, which means that they are particularly useful for light line and lightweight lures.

Overview: 5 Best Spinning Reel - Reviews

If you are searching for the best spinning reel brand, you will be delighted to know that there are a lot of options available for you.

For example, visiting Amazon's site will introduce you to all brands of spinning reels to date.

However, this can pose a challenge at the same time, because you might end up confused with the availability of choices.

Worry no more! We have summarized the features of the top 5 spinning reels so that you can find the best one for your money.

Every item in this review list have received positive feedbacks from actual users, so you can see whether they are fit for you too!​

5. Pflueger Supreme XT Review

Pflueger Supreme XT

Pflueger Supreme XT is known for its overall durability, and excellent performance regardless of whether you will be using it inshore, or freshwater.

It is lightweight, thanks to the creation of a built-in magnesium body making it a good choice for several applications.

To understand better, here are the features that you can expect out of this model:​

  • Excellent performance in both saltwater and freshwater environments.
  • Comes with a 9 (plus 1) stainless steel ball bearings, plus an anti-reverse roller bearing which makes ultimate smoothness possible.
  • The ball bearings are corrosion resistant in some locations, thus maintaining smooth retrieves and casts.
  • This model is also ultra-lightweight due to its magnesium component body construction.
  • With its anodized braid ready spool, this model converts the reel to a long-distance casting equipment.
  • This reel also features advanced sealed drag technology which is also heat resistant, meaning it will keep cool even after long runs.

No doubt, Pflueger Supreme XT can give you performance and quality at their best. There are also other features that are praised by users, including its vertical rubber strip which makes the spool ready for braid, as well as its convertible right and left-hand retrieve.

NOTE: Perfect for freshwater or Inshore fishing.

4. Shimano Stradic CI4 Review

Shimano Stradic CI4

Shimano CI4 is one of the members of the Shimano fishing reel family. CI4 means Carbon Inter-fusion, and the 4 referring to the total number of electrons included in the carbon atom.

This only means that this reel is made using Carbon Fiber as its primary material. As such, the reel is ultra-light in weight, giving up to 25% weight reduction compared to other similar sized reels.

Let's take a look at the features of this model further:

  • Comes equipped with 6 S-ARB ball bearings.
  • Has one roller bearings.
  • Made using a CF aluminum cold forge spool.
  • Operates with the propulsion line management system.

Among the feedbacks given by other users include the fact that the CI4 can cast very far, and how smooth the line is while leaving the spool. At the same time, it is also admired because there were no signs of corrosion of rust on the reel. This is a model that is highly recommended for those who likes ‘light tackle' fishing style.

BEST USE: Casting from boat, Jigging, Freshwater Fishing, Trolling, Shore Casting.

3. Okuma Trio Review

okuma trio 55 spinning reel

One feature that you will notice right away with the Okuma Trio standard speed model is that it looks cool.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the model’s trio spool construction uses a multi-piece system.

This feature keeps its drag system inside an aluminum drag chamber, making it possible for added smoothness and stability, and at the same time using a lightweight graphite covering for distinctive styling and weight reduction.​

Here are some interesting features of the Okuma Trio Standard Speed:

  • The reel of this model features the manufacturer branded ‘Dual Force Drag' (DFD) technology which offers tension within the spool, covering the top until the bottom, making the entire system operate better and smoother.
  • Equipped with a Hydro Block watertight drag seal.
  • The hybrid rotor is made using graphite and stamped aluminum, which helps to flex down, particularly essential when pulling on bigger fish and using braids.
  • Comes with a quick setting anti-reverse roller bearing.

A lot of other users offer a positive feedback with this model. Among the feedback include a retrieve which is super smooth.

In fact, it is even smoother compared to more expensive models. They also said that the handle is light, which means that it requires less effort in handling.

BEST USE: Trolling, Saltwater Fishing, Shore Casting, River Fishing, Jigging.

2. Daiwa Crossfire Review

daiwa crossfire spinning reel

The Daiwa Crossfire Spinning reel model is a value-packed option that offers a high-level performance in fishing. It is one of the most affordable options, featuring a new, sleek body design and style. It comes with three ball bearings with a roller bearing that ensures a zero back play while running smoothly.

Among the features of the Daiwa Crossfire includes:

  • Equipped with a twist buster feature that reduces twisting of the line.
  • It's three ball bearings, working alongside a roller bearing makes it possible for smooth operation.
  • Also equipped with an ABS aluminum spool that offers durability while staying lightweight.
  • Utilizes a Micro-click front drag adjustment which makes operation easier.

For those who are looking for a value-packed spinning reel with a high-level performance in fishing, the Daiwa Crossfire model is a good option. Another reason that it is a good option is that it comes with an affordable price tag.

BEST USE: Freshwater, Spinner.

1. Penn Clash Review

daiwa crossfire spinning reel

Penn Clash is a lightweight, technically designed spinning reel which has been designed for fishing in shallow saltwater, using live or artificial bait. The reel of this model is also designed to offer smooth operation for a long time.

The smoothness offered by this model is a result of the use of a CNC gear technology system, as well as the precision brass/aluminum main gear, alongside brass pinion, well-designed for precise tolerances.

Among the well-loved features of the Penn Clash model includes:

  • Constructed with a full metal body. These reels are designed to reduce, if not eliminate, twists, which is quite common among hard plastic reels when bigger fishes apply more force.
  • The model's leveline oscillation system keeps the spool well balanced during spinning, thus resulting to an even line retrieve wraps.
  • Comes with 8 sealed stainless steel bearings, which means smoother use. This is also the feature that makes the Penn Clash a saltwater favorite.
  • The bail of this model is made out of durable and heavy aluminum wire.
  • The Model 2500 also features an anti-reverse bearing which prevents backlash while achieving an instant hook set.

Avid anglers who loves different fishing styles, the qualities and features of the Penn Clash 2500 are worth loving. It is also praised because of its performance and durability. This reel has been designed for beginners who would like to enjoy the sport. It is one of the most affordable options out there and still offer steady and continuous use.

BEST USE: Surf Fishing, Trout Fishing, Fresh & Salt water Fishing.

Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are designed in a way that they have an open-faced, fixed spool that is positioned just in line with the rod. While the spindle is stationary, the line guide/rotor spins or revolves around the spool.

As such, spinning reels are perfect for live bait and light line presentations where there is a need to cast either an incredibly light lure or do not want to endanger live baits. This type of reel is used for different kinds of techniques by both expert and newbie anglers who opt for this reel because of its ease of operation and simple casting ability.

With the various options that are currently available on the market these days, it might be confusing to choose which one is the best. The following are some of the crucial factors that you need to consider to make a well-informed decision in the end.

Water Factor​

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a spinning reel is not the type of fish that you are targeting, but the location where you want to fish. This means that if you plan to fish either on saltwater or brackish, you need a quality spinning reel that is designed to withstand even harsh environments.


Regardless of the species that you are planning to tackle, you would surely want a reel that is also easy to use. Vibration and noise are not just signs of poor product quality, but they are also quite irritating.

A good spinning wheel has good quality bearings. It does not necessarily mean that having more bearings is better, but it can provide smoother retrieves, while reducing the amount of vibration and noise.

Targeted Species​

Identifying the targeted species is also important. Specifically speaking, the size and amount of the target fish is a huge factor. If you are planning to catch bigger freshwater species, you will need a big spinning reel that has enough line capacity that will allow for longer runs, with a drag system that can deal with the heat.


Another important aspect is the building of the spinning wheel.

Most designers face the challenge of coming up with reels which are light enough to last longer casting days, and at the same time robust enough to deal with the torque that is often produced by bigger fishes.

Spinning reels that are durable and sturdy are usually those that are made of metal components, with sophisticated alloys that offer strength.


Bails refer to the mechanism which releases and wraps the line surrounding the spool of the spinning reel. There are some models that come with the basic manual system that grasps the line as you open the bail using your free hand, while there are also designs in which the trigger release is attached to the bail.


With the different aspects of a good spinning reel presented above, there is no doubt that the Pflueger Supreme XT is the best choice there is! In fact, it is rare in a spinning reel model to be high performing while being affordable at the same time.

It is constructed using high-quality components, with the rotor, body, as well as the side plate made of magnesium, thus helping in keeping the reel feather balanced and light in your hand.

Aside from the sweet components that made the body of this spinning reel, it also receives high ratings from various anglers who have purchased the product. For instance, they have reported that it felt superb, with incredible castability, and its sealed carbon fiber drag stack makes everything smoother compared to other models. If there is a spinning reel model that can give you a guarantee of both performance and price, the Pflueger Supreme XT model is a good option for you!​

Top Spinning Reels By Price

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